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Originally Posted by rleniek View Post
thanks Alex, I appreciate that comment it's an unusual situation and i'm just reporting it. i had no idea the ti had it's own forum until after I got my first one and started rebuilding the intake. i may be wrong, but I think the disa valve system may be the first of its kind in a production vehicle... and the biggest pita to fix or replace when the actuator pops a leak. Anyone know where I can get a new actuator/plunger for the 95' obd1 intake? I repaired mine by opening it and sealing all the holes with a bicycle tube patch kit and gluing it all back together, but those repairs didn't last... i just lost that awesome kick you get at around 3500rpm and the idle started bouncing. so sad.
Try EBay or maybe an online discount parts company that specializes in BMW parts ....
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