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Default Z3(I6) Trailing arm compatibility

Quick question, probably posted on an older forum but I cannot seem to find my answer anywhere. I have a 318ti with 3.46 Torsen diff from a z3 and e30 axles on stock trailing arms. I am looking to widen the rear to compliment the widebody kit that is going on the car. I know the 6 cyl Z3 trailing arms are 20mm wider and are an easy swap when combined with the complimentary 6 cyl z3 axles. Will 318ti rotors and calipers mount to the z3(I6) trailing arm? I saw somewhere that the z3 hub is 5mm wider than the 318ti hub so I think that would also be what I want? That would give me a total 25mm wider with the z3(I6) trailing arm/hub/axle assembly over the 318ti. For the swap to z3(I6) trailing arms the ebrake cables and metal brake lines that come with the trailing arm assembly are the ones I would want to use right? In order to simplify things I am most likely getting a Sparta brake kit for the rear so due to the 5mm wider hub, I would need a z3(I6) kit, not a 318ti rear kit right? Thanks for your help and sorry if my questions have been answered somewhere else already. Am I correct in saying that all I will need is z3(I6) trailing arm/axle/hub assembly, and z3(I6) big brake kit?
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