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DUDE!! How is the ti ? ?

What all has gone wrong/broke or needed to get fixed?

Here is bunch of info from when I was looking at doing the exact same thing:

Here is a bunch of brake info:

As to your questions, your correct in that you need to use the z3 rotor, the caliper from ti will bolt on, just like I currently have z3 rear caliper bolted on, so those are changeable, but the rotor isn't.

Did you look at the SRS rear adaptor?

They also have an adapter that allows for m3 caliper/rotor, but you loose your ebrake.

The ebrake cable will probably not be long enough, I know that was a problem before for others but I am not sure how they solved the issue. When I get home I can search a bit more, but I don't know the answer off the top of my head.

Oh btw I really miss that 3.46 diff, if you want a 3.15, I can trade you

***328ti Build thread. ***

Even more important:
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