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Originally Posted by winner9101 View Post
The car has been great so far! I have been slowly making changes and preparing the car for a widebody kit that I got for the car and for BAR. Funnily enough, I probably should have thought about changing the trailing arms when I had the entire rear subframe out a couple of weekends ago to change to the subframe riser bushings and change the RTABs.

Nothing broke on the car, but I was looking into widening the rear track with the z3(I6) trailing arms. After I posted I started looking at some of your older threads and was reading all about your plans and modifications on the rear end. I was about to go and measure the rear track to see, but you probably remember, does the car already have the z3 trailing arms? With the wider trailing arms are the spring perches in the same location? What about the lower shock bolt?

I have looked into the SRS adapter, but I might be able to source a Sparta Big brake kit rather than something OEM BMW so I am probably going to go with that instead. Ultimately it looks like I am going to be running BBS 18x11 wheels so I don't have to worry about using smaller rotors.

Ultimately, if there is too much hassle involved in swapping to the z3(I6) trailing arm then I will just compensate with wheel offset or spacers.

Which subframe risers did you use? How much of a difference did it make?

I was eventually going to go with the IE weld-in posi lock toe and camber kit, for some adjustability.

For the spring peach mounting points, I don't think that will be an issue, since people swap in the z3m rear and it works fine, as well as the ti rear or z3m rear on e30's

That is a picture of the e30 and z3m trailing arm compared, I think the increase in width comes after the mounting point.

I never got to install the z3 trailing arms, so they are just the stock ones.

When you get a chance post up an introduction thread with a few pictues!

***328ti Build thread. ***

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