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Originally Posted by winner9101 View Post
The car initially was lowered with the ground control rear shock and spring as a result of the significantly shorter shock, and the car was slammed! The fender was overlapping the tire by about 10mm. Surprisingly, the shocks are stiff enough so I don't think anything was rubbing.

I used the Condor 12mm risers and sure enough, the car did look to be about 12mm lower (which was way too much for stock rear quarters) the GC spring comes with an adjustable collar that I was able to raise about 12mm (to the middle of the total adjustment) to counteract the lowering from the subframe risers. However, the main advantage should be less camber when the car is excessively lowered. At the moment I am not dialing in fitment, but rather preparing for when the widebody kit gets installed.

Considering I got quoted $450 for a set of used trailing arms and axles from a z3(I6), I might leave it the way it is and compensate with spacers if needed. Either that or steal the rear end off of my neighbor's z3 in the middle of the night. He wouldn't notice if I put my trailing arms and axles back on his car right? lol

I've wanted to make a thread for all the happenings on the car, but it is easier to just post to IG. When things are all said and done I might make a summary thread.
What spring rates are you using?

Also keep in mind that the lower the car is more toe out you will also have in the rear (or toe in? I thought it was toe out?) But toe definitely changes too and will impact the handling dynamic.

Ya $450 doesn't seem that good, I think I picked up the entire rear end for something like 300, diff included, but I eventually only used the diff, but you should be able to find the trailing arms for cheaper. I still want to go that route eventually, OEM widening sounds fun, no other e36 can do that.

I don't think your neighbor will notice! haha

That would be cool to see!

I don't think I ever updated my own thread to say that it was sold, and I haven't started a new one for the helrot one . . . so I am also dragging my feet, life has been wwwaaayyy to busy. But someday I will get around to it.

***328ti Build thread. ***

Even more important:
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