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Originally Posted by anassa View Post
What spring rates are you using?
I am running 440 lbs/inch and 660 lbs/inch
Originally Posted by anassa View Post
Also keep in mind that the lower the car is more toe out you will also have in the rear (or toe in? I thought it was toe out?) But toe definitely changes too and will impact the handling dynamic.
Yeah, I don't want to excessively lower the car. I just think that with the widebody kit it is going to end up lower than it would be with stock quarter panels. Hopefully, I will be able to find the right parts at the right price. I also need to source the m3 side skirts (twisted) for the kit to fit properly. If I remember correctly, the 2dr M3 skirts fit and the 4dr skirts don't. Looking at some of your older posts you said the track could be widened from 1413mm too 1494mm which would be roughly 40mm on each side wider. When I looked at e30 forums ( I saw that each trailing arm is only 20mm wider. Compared to an E30 the hub from the z3(I6) is 23.5mm wider, but the 318ti is 18mm wider than E30 which means the hub will add only ~5mm per side. This means I am at roughly 25mm wider per side, short of the 40 mm from your thread. Do you know where the remaining 15mm per side is?
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