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Originally Posted by dakar217 View Post
FYI these work on all e36s and are non-projector housings. Many of the early e36s had these and a lot of the old DTM/touring cars ran them.
In Germany we actually only had them in the Compact / TI model, all the other models had different headlights (with other housings, bulbs and plugs).

Originally Posted by dakar217 View Post
These are not recommended if you plan on running xenons.
Not totally right, the Euro glass headlights not only had glass outer lenses, but glass inner lenses as well, at least the ones that I offer. So with these glass headlights there isn't a risk of melting or burning down any plastic lenses because of the heat that Xenon produces.

Originally Posted by dakar217 View Post
That said, do you have any without the little dots on the top of the glass?

So far I haven't received any sets without the velocity nipples. I'm not even sure if there are Compact headlights that have been produced without nipples - at least for these headlights! The Bosch Euro glass projector headlights DO come with and without the nipples.
(I offer these, too. )
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