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I've been driving on this mod for about a week now and finally had the balls to work up to running a few gears up to 7k rpm.

I figured I'd post some anecdotal observations as I have no dyno numbers to share yet.

It sounds a bit different! Unexpected changes:

1. Quieter at lower RPM. That may be due to the cam opening profile. See pic below:

2. Pulls more evenly at higher RPM. With the stock M52b28 cam, the engine would start an exhaust rap at about 6k. It would start to feel like it was flattening out at around 5.5k. Not it pulls very evenly right up to 7k and feels like it will not stop.
3. Apparent increase in low end torque that gives me a bit more confidence to stay in a lower gear while passing on the interstate.

I'm hoping I can get a dyno profile to see where peak torque is now and how wide it is.

As before, the car isn't a super power but is very fun to drive.
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