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The idea of twin charging is a rare thing to find. So the idea is that the supercharger works well at low rpm and the turbo works well at high rpm, so in theory you get the best of both. The way im going to run it will be compounding boost where when the turbo kicks in it makes lets say 6psi in to the supercharger and the super charger compresses it further to 20psi. Its a lot of AR math and how to control the boost but i like a challenge. Its all going to be run by a haltech ecu and the nitrous is more for cooling effect to the charged air than for its hp gain. This will be the culmination of years of research, trial and error. Hope i shead a little light on the subject, and the only production car to truly twincharge i think was a 1.4 tsi VW. Search twincharge on google and Wikipedia has a write up on it
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