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Default M44 Supercharged Project Tuning - Bosch Motronic 5.2

Hello Everyone, If I am posting this in the wrong section of subforum, then my apologies. I am known in the other forums for the Supercharger Kits we do for the 6 Cylinder variant of these cars. We are the hardware guys ofcourse and tuning is not what we specialize in. We will be working on a very budget friendly DIY SC Kit that will be available to the public like our other projects.

Issue is the M44 has the Motronic 5.2, Its Its flashable IIRC but how do we go abouts it, for the MS41 type ECU's in the OBD II 6 Pots we have Rom Raider. But for the Motronic 5.2 there are only a few people who know how to do that ECU right. Suggestions welcome. We would eventually need a remap, dialed in injectors etc etc. looking at around 5-8psi of boost.
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