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Any questions pertaining to this manual can be addressed at

Thanks to everyone for their input!

Other testimonials:

"But Jims manual is worth every penny."

"I have one of his manuals. It's nicely put together and is probably THE BEST starting point if you're new to e36 swaps."

"Great manual."

"Thanks for your great work.
The manual is great."

"Just want to say the manual is tits. I'm currently working on getting the M44 out and I'm not sure if I would've tackled this job without the manual as ref.
Bottom line: If you are going to do a swap - get the manual first."

"J!m's swap manual is excellent..."

"J!m's swap manual is excellent & he still improves it! I have it as well and have been absolutely helpful even when making decisions on unorthodox methods..."

"BTW, your manual is awesome! I would've NEVER dived into this project without it."

"Received the swap manual and read about of it last night. It is very well written."

"Manual has been a big help in ironing out most of my concerns. Thanks!"

"You're the man Jim. You are the epitomy of After Sales Service!"
"Speed's just a question of money. How fast you 'wanna go?"

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