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So long as it's a decent weekend I plan to do the rear suspension. Doing rear swaybar links and bushings as well.
-Koni SRT shocks
-HR Z3 2.8 Sport (Not sure why they are red but part# is sport)
-URO pads 7.5MM. Planning on grabbing Condor Speed shop's urethane stackable pads. I have a feeling it might be too low.
-FEBI E46 M3 Mounts
-Lemforder links
-OEM rubber bushings

Going to try new exhaust setup hopefully by mid May. SS longtubes -> ypipe -> 2.5" flex pipe -> Magnaflow straight through muffler -> MeganRacing muffler 3" tips The magnaflow should be a little louder while not being as harsh as it was with just a very small resonator. If not then a new combo. I like playing with exhaust setups.

Before exhaust work, brakes will get least all purchased and lined up to do. Will be going vented stock, blank rotors all around, Pentosin DOT4, ECS SS lines, rebuilt calipers using Stoptech Street pads. Will be adequate for street driving. Thanks to Bimmerbum on the brakes.

After mechanical then front end body work. Fun never ends
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