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Default At my end with trying to remove water pump! HELP PEASE!

Been a while since I've posted and I need some help. I simply cannot remove the water pump to save my life. Mines a 95 with the M42. I can get some channel locks on it and wiggle it but that's it. It broke where you insert your bolts that's supposed to push it out which I expected after reading everything. Pry-bar won't even budge it and yes I removed all 4 bolts.

I was thinking of getting some threaded rod and screwing in to where the pully bolts to it then drilling 2 holes in some pipe, siding it on, with some nuts on the end, and making a sort of sliding breaker to help knock/pull it out. Anyone had this problem before and if so, what did you do?

Thanks all for your time and any help you may be able to provide!
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