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I agree with the comments above. If you're on a budget I'd suggest locating and dealing with your fluid leaks first so they stay where intended and not on the track. Something else I tell people is not to over tighten their small fasteners for these gaskets. Most only torque to 7-15 ft-lbs which is usually done by hand. You do more harm than good when you over tighten because now you've pinched a brand new gasket and are still leaking oil. Put the piece in place, tighten the gasket from the inside out to spread the clamping load to the edges. If you notice a leak then come back and tighten up a little more. There will be a happy medium, I just did my whole top end this way and other than the valve cover needing a bit more tightening up, none have leaked so far. Seat time, good tires, a helmet, and maybe some racing seats are what I would suggest before spending thousands on brand new suspension. Unless these parts are completely blown out. Good luck with the build and keep us updated!
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