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Default Engine and DASC supercharger installed on it $3000

I decided to go for an m3 engine swap, so took the engine and supercharger off as one unit. Engine has 109k miles on it, ran perfectly fine before removal. Supercharger has about 20k miles on it. Needs new belt, and some hoses have been cut at removal, not expensive to replace at all. Engine harness is included, the rest of the intake manifold, and everything else you see in the pic. You might need a throttle cable from a 328 or something, $35 or so from dealership IIRC.

From a 1997 318ti, OBD2

If you have a high mileage m44, or a blown motor, this is perfect for you. Installation might be even easier then installing the supercharger to your old engine.

Will not part out yet, unless I recieve an offer close to $3000 for the supercharger itself.

Contact me at, I'm outside of Philadelphia, PA. Shipping will be actual cost, and I prefer pickup

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