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Hah thanks Cedric.

While I've been waiting for the crank scraper to show up I prepped a few things on the car.

Went back to stock headlights, my plastic ones weighed in at 3.2lb vs the glass DDM lights at 7.4lb. Not a huge difference but it's weight that is right on the nose and I gain a lot of space back.

With the headlights out I was able to pull all of the AC system components. I didn't really need to remove everything at this point but I was interested in seeing how much space would be freed up. Only thing still in the car is the condenser. Once I have everything I'll weigh it to see what it comes in at.

It's also quite apparent that my M44 is leaking oil from the timing cover seals, had I kept the motor and added ITBs I would have gone in and replaced all the seals and timing chain guides.

All that was left for now was to run the battery cable to the hatch. It was pretty straightforward with Jesse's writeup. I knocked out the firewall plug, pulled the carpet back and ran the cable to the hatch. I plan to run a miata battery in the small hatch compartment but for now I just ran the cable and reinstalled the engine bay box.

Then finally on Friday the crank scraper came! Yay, I can finish building up the motor. It looks like a quality piece and comes with a small spacer to to keep the oil pick up tube bracket level. I'll be checking clearances and installing it next week.


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