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Coincidentally the reason I have the 318ti is that my previous car (1989 Honda Civic Si, which generally fits the same description as my 381ti) developed an oil leak and I "just kept topping it off." Obviously I sometimes I let it get too low on oil because eventually a cam shaft broke. I repaired that, but it spurred me to look for another car.

One other issue with the Honda that pushed me towards a different car was that it finally developed a bad spot in the paint and a hole in the drivers seat. The last time I washed the 318ti, I noticed the clear coat coming off at nearly the same spot as it did on the Honda.

The 318ti also has a bit of rust behind the rear wheels which isn't going to get any better on its own.

So this sort of stuff makes me think "replace."

But I still like the 318ti. It suits me. It runs well. Its issues are "a known quantity." I've got a trustworthy and affordable mechanic and would need to find someone else trustworthy if I changed cars.

These things make me think "repair."

@FunElan... you're exactly right... it's a decision between emotion (repair) and logic (replace). LOL I know my mechanic understands that given how many 318ti's he's owned. :-D

So, I'm still struggling to decide which route to take. I'm also afraid that if I change cars, it'll trigger a "mid-life crisis" purchase of something like a BMW Z3 or a Honda S2000. LOL

Anyway... blah blah blah... back to work I go.
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