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Originally Posted by xxxJohnBoyxxx View Post
I run 3/8" hose to the fuel rail and 3/8" back to the regulator. I think the 5/16" stock hose can only handle 275hp at 60+psi. Also the faster you run the more excelleration you have which caused issues with fuel pushing forward to the front of the car from the fuel tank from G-force so beware. I run 42psi idle and 58psi under boost on the 3/8" hose. I run a stock M3 pump with no RRFPR only stock regulator with boost on the vacuum port for the extra fuel pressure under boost. Injectors handle the extra fuel load under boost.

I will say when I ran my 9's 800hp 1971 Vega I needed 1/2" line but that was running at 7psi fuel pressure to the 406ci, NOS kit was a stand alone at 7psi on a 3/8" line with race gas for the spray
i mean did you run a line from the tank or any bigger lines back to tank or left it stock.
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