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Exclamation The 318ti OBD-II engine swap manual

Here you go, guys.

I have had several requests for information on my swap manual and I figured this was the easiest way to tell everyone what they want to know and how to get one.

First, if all you want to do is get one, follow these instructions:

Log in to PayPal and send $0.00 (if you are within the USA) to my PayPal account (pending) and I will ship your serialized manual to your PayPal shipping address as soon as possible (typically the same day I receive payment). That's it. Easy eh? If you are outside the USA, please e-mail me first for a shipping quote.

Now the details on the manual, for those on the fence:
  • UPDATED AND EXPANDED! It is currently OVER 200 pages long!
  • It cannot be sent as a 'pdf file, as I then have no control over those less than honorable out there. (yes, it is copyrighted)
  • It covers the entire swap from start to finish
  • it has a section which has a list of the parts needed Dependant on the donor engine used (i.e. the differences between M roadster / M coupe engines and those from the M3) so you can have all the parts you will need on-hand before you start, and avoid the learning curve I went through.
  • it is loaded with several photos detailing things that are not clear in the text
  • there are several pages of ti and swapped ti specific part numbers, (including several that will not show in your local dealer part network)
  • Details on swapping from an auto box to a manual box
  • I have sold several copies over the past years, and everyone who has received it has commented that is was very helpful, and informative. Everyone gets something out of it...
  • Now granted I am an experienced mechanic, however I was able to remove, replace and drive within a long week (Friday evening to a week from Sunday evening). [3 days of that was at the dealer.]
  • The dealer is needed for OBD-II swaps There is no (practical) way around this (1996-up models)
  • The manual is equally useful for OBD-I swaps; however the dealer is not needed. (1995 models)
  • When I wrote the manual (doing my swap) there was no other source for an OBD-II swap manual, and as far as I am aware, their STILL is no other source for this information. There were/are several OBD-I options out there (and those are sold for a lot more than $70.00...).
  • Wiring diagrams for the ti and donor car are included as well, to make the wiring MUCH easier! BONUS: an entire section dedicated to how-to read and use the diagrams for your swap!

I will be happy to answer specific questions; however please read this first, as I think I have covered the main points...

Thanks, and stay safe out there!
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