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Default Instruments lead to questions

I have gotten myself a bluetooth OBD monitor that plugs into the port by the driver's left knee. Really shows a bunch of things I never knew and I am still poking around with the software (Torque on an Android tablet) Short term fuel trim data is quite interesting.

One question already - my cooling water temp runs 98 -101 C at all times,on the low end of that range when the A/C is on, on the 100-101 end once warmed up and A/C off. Is that correct, the proper range? Seems I recall the thermostat being a much lower number but cannot lay hands on spec just now. My thermostat is practically brand new, replaced last fall when I did the radiator and hoses so I doubt that is problem. Clearly temp drops when fan kicks in on high with A/C so maybe running right at 100 all the time is correct?

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