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Originally Posted by Uber E30 View Post
I dont know about other states but the only legal SC we can run is the DASC which is why im keeping my eyes out for one of those. Otherwise I would just pop this guy in.

The thing that sucks is that this S/C would probably blow numbers that were within spec. on the smog check, but CARB likes to charge manufacturers and developers of race/aftermarket parts thousands of dollars to test/verify their equipment and give it the all-important E.O. number so that it is emissions legal in CA.

If they never opened your hood, which my smog guy rarely does, they'd probably never know it was there.

Even so, I'm definitely considering this- if I have to spend a Saturday every two years putting it back to stock so that I can get a smog check, it seems like a relatively small price to pay for an extra 60+ HP. If there's interest, I wonder if KO would knock another couple/few hundred off the price for a group buy?
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