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Default SOLD::DASC Downing Atlanta Supercharger kit, year unclear, kit is possibly incomplete

DASC Downing Atlanta Supercharger kit, year unclear, kit is possibly incomplete. $2300 shipped, or best offer.

This has been in my storage for a long time and Im not sure what vehicle it was orginally fitted to. I bought it with the intention of fitting it to my e30 318is (the kit came from an e36, not an e30). In addition to the DASC I also had all serpentine accessories and brackets shipped so I could retrofit the whole setup to my V-belt engine. Everything sent to me is in the pictures (except the alternator, power steering pump and AC compressor). I am not sure what parts are from the DASC kit and what is OEM. IMPORTANT: since there is no parts list I cannot verify the kit is complete.

Cross-referrencing some of the BMW parts on ETK and RealOEM narrows the original vehicle down to either an M42 318ti or E36 318i/is. Im not sure if there is any difference between DASC kits between sedans, coupes and compacts. Im also not sure about M44 compatibility.

Some of the OEM parts:
64551739429 Crank pulley
13541247756 Throttle body
13711247829 Intake boot. This seems to be the only part that is m42 exclusive, not M44.
64551739627 AC compressor bracket
1734655.9 Vane airflow meter (also PNs 0280202134 and 1/2 228 1 285 501)

Parts that need addressing:
Needs gaskets between intake manifold to supercharger and supercharger to intake elbow (I removed these parts to check the supercharger rotors)
The factory intake boot is cracked and should not be reused
A few of the smaller hoses are showing cracks near the ends
Air filter is dirty and should be cleaned or replaced

Supercharger lobes have a few small scratches but look to be in good condition. Video below.
There is some surface corrosion on the aluminum intake and elbow. Everything everythings else seems to be in good condition. Package comes with unused phenolic intake manifold spacer, longer studs and gaskets (helps reduce temperatures and heatsoak). Also comes with two belts that I forgot to take pictures of.

Ive been a member here for a while. This account was originally setup to help me work on my girlfriend's 318ti. I stayed mostly a lurker though because search answered just about all my questions. My usual forum is r3vlimited. Message me if you have questions or want additional pics or for offers.

Also ignore the second supercharger as its not included.

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