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Default Same here. . .

Bought a ti had a blown engine, so didn't get to drive it much. All fixed now. The big issue now is what you guys are talking about. I have learned that when you're surfing at tirerack and some other places online, choosing any wheel over 16" so, 17" and up, will cause the rear camber to need adjustment. My car had 17s with 225 45 17s which were all bent up. Yesterday I replaced the wheels but kept the tires, so it's still the same set up. Today, I had it aligned--they could only reset toe on the front and had no specs for the rear camber at all. He needs to pay more for automotive information, and he'll never touch my ti again. Anyway.
After new wheels, old tires, and alignment, I got sideways at 60mph on ice under a bridge. I saved it, and I did not ruin my upholstery! Whew.
This trailing issue is what needs attention. Body mounts are worn, I can move the rear axle with a small screwdriver. But just changing the body mounts will not alter the rear camber will it?

Is there a kit for making rear camber adjustment? How's it work? Will it be a new set of rear control and stabilizer bushings? Is this why you can get an eccentric bolt for the control arm back there? I'm gonna be driving this thing all winter in Northwest Indiana and I'd really like to have a more predictable rear end.

I'm extremely familiar with the front end and toe was only off a tiny bit after replacing the struts, control arms, and tie rod ends. This thing does whatever hell it wants on bumps and it is multiplied on snow--won't track at all.
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