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$1-2k: For brakes and suspension
$7-10k: For the S52 engine, differential, transmission, etc...

The cost can vary significantly based on whether or not you can do the labor yourself, and how cheaply you can buy the parts you need. Do you want a US or a Euro engine? That also makes a big difference in the price. Are you ok with a motor with 80k miles that came out of a wrecked M3? Do you want that engine rebuilt before it goes into your car?

There is a 3.2 liter S swapped Ti for sale on right now. it has a turbo though, and a lot of other work done to it.

I would say that if you want a Ti that is swapped with an S52, but appears to be stock in all other regards, with a beefed up 32x brakes and m3 front suspension you will probably need to build it yourself. There are only two very clean and "stock" swapped cars on this site, and I don't think either of them are for sale.
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