Lets Double Up the Brake Lights on My '95 ti
Bob Collins sent along this great article on how to add another brake light to the 318ti. Sounds like another fine modification. Ron Stygar took a picture, which is also here, and it really helps explain everything. Thanks guys!
After reading about Ron Stygar and others adding brake lights to the non used rear fog lights, I too decided I needed this minor, but very neat modification. I had removed the light assembly before and noticed how easy it would be to add a jumper. I then decided after a quick test of soldering the existing metal conductors, it was going to be troublesome. It was time for some small sheet metal screws and some ring connectors. I ran to Pep Boys and Home Depot to get some parts. At Pep Boys I got the ring connectors #85407 $1.99 and the other bulbs #7506 $1.39. Now to Home Depot for the pan head sheet metal screws and washers. I used #6 x 3/8" screws and 6 x 3.5 medium split washers. Each was $0.78. So far I spent $5.24. I did have some wire and the wire stripper tool and the power drill and metal bits. Once I figured which conductors to jumper, it was a matter of selecting the proper placement of the holes for the ring connectors and the wire route.

The photo shows exactly the conductors to jumper, and the two sides are a mirror image of each other. The wire was less than 4" in length with a ring connector at each end. I used the crimp type connectors. I made two of these and then set up for the drilling. Because of the way the conductors are attached to the plastic assembly, you cannot remove the conductors, so you must be VERY careful to not drill through the conductor and then the plastic! Also when drilling, you must remove all the other bulbs so as to not vibrate the filaments and cause them to break. In the lower locations I used a small block of wood, and the other I just was very careful. I started drilling with a 1/16" bit and made the holes. I worked up to a 3/32" before the screws fit properly. Once that was done I set the ring connectors with a screw and one split washer each. The photos are truly self explanatory. Of course the blue connectors and blue wires...it goes well with the Roundel. ;-)

The additional light is worth the few minutes of time! Many people seem to come too close when they stop behind a ti! Total time of project was one hour. Of course this was my way, feel free to modify as you see fit. I did not upgrade the 15 ampere fuse, but it seems to be holding up well. Ron measured the total current and found it to be ~9 amperes with the added lights.

Bob Collins

September 17, 1999