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Bwwaaaa 04-22-2016 09:05 AM

ZF Swap with M44
So before the inevitable "Why would you do that?" it really boils down to a timing thing. The car will be getting an S52 later this year, but I'm not really quite there yet.

I'm in need of a new driveshaft, but the opportunity came up to buy a ZF transmission, with the driveshaft and everything needed to drop it into a ti. The car it is coming out of has an M52 I believe, but I need to use this setup with the M44 until I'm ready to swap later this year. I was wondering if there was anything I need to keep in mind to make this swap work, or should it all just bolt up and work as is? My understanding is I'll be getting the transmission, shift linkage, clutch, brace and driveshaft. But I don't know if there are any other specific parts I should buy for this swap to work with the M44.

While I could just get another stock driveshaft, I feel like it's a waste given I'll be swapping later this year. So if I can make the ZF transmission and driveshaft work for a few months (mainly to last a trip out to California) I'd much prefer to go that route.


Bwwaaaa 04-22-2016 07:51 PM

So I got the replies I was looking for in a Facebook group. I figured I'd post the responses I got here, in case someone else is looking up this information in the future.


If I remember right it'll bolt right up, only thing is with the master cylinder designed for the Getreg you'll have a stiffer pedal with the ZF. Other than that if you get all that stuff you should be good.

Yes, it works. The slave needs to match the pressure plate. The flywheels and clutch kit should be matched for the transmission. Starter should work as is.

The hydraulics will work, just may be stiffer pedal depending on the pressure plate you use. I ran my s52 swap for a long time with the stock master and slave, was just kinds stiff because the pressure plate is stiff. But with a 325i clutch it should work better

All non-m masters and slaves are the same. The 92 had a different master. The s50/2 slave is different in piston bore. Stock will be fine. If you use an s50/2 clutch with non-m slave it will be very heavy at the clutch pedal and initiates right off the floor. It's all bolt in but you need the linkage from the zf for the guibo and shifter location.
Thanks to the guys in the 318ti Facebook discussion group. Looks like if you go to do this swap yourself, it should work, just be a great deal heavier on the clutch.

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