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Manan^BMW 12-15-2014 02:36 AM

318ti Manual Wiring Harness - Engine side & other General Engine Bay
I am under the impression that there are two kind of harnesses in the engine bay - 1. General engine electricals. 2. Engine 'side'

Thinking of replacing mine. Please shed some light on this.

Thanks much in advance.

hotmilk400 12-15-2014 04:14 AM

Yeah, You are correct.

The Engine harness is the main one. It is the larger of the two and connects the DME to the engine and fuse box. It can be completely removed without cutting any wires. If you look to the left of your fuse box, you will see three round connectors, those are the connectors that connect this wire harness to your car.

The other wire harness I like to call the front wire harness. It connects the minor things like your headlights, horns, fog lights, ect. This one will have to be cut near the fuse box if you want to remove it.

If you are interested in replacing the engine harness, their are a few styles, ect. You will need to know the year of your car and the options you have.

Is their a reason you want to replace yours?

As a side note, I am currently selling both/either wire harness form a 98 manual 318ti with traction control. If you are interested, let me know. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221633463918...84.m1555.l2649

I can do better on price if you PM me. =]

Manan^BMW 12-15-2014 05:04 AM

She is a 3rd July '97 manufactured 318ti with ASC, remote locking (which has not worked since the day I bought her in Oct, 2011).

Just in the middle of a 252K+, 17 year life upgrade/restoration which was initiated by a buggered gearbox (found a old Gertag one with 95K for 650). Just want to do the electricals properly to make them last a bit.

Changed parts
1. Gear box.
2. New LuK Clutch + pressure plate combo
3. Front struts replaced with Bilsteins
4. Also replaced front lower control arms
4. Rear shock replaced with Bilsteins (in process)

Thanks much for your kind offer. However, ideally, looking to buy new wiring harness.

hotmilk400 12-15-2014 02:45 PM

No Problem, If you have other questions, let me know. I am tearing apart the engine bay right now so everything is fresh in my head.

Manan^BMW 12-15-2014 09:28 PM

Well, would appreciate if you can direct me to a shop (online/brick) which would be reasonable in pricing and reliable to get the two aforementioned wiring harnesses.

Also, need to replace the bonnet and the front bumper. Colour is arctic silver

P.S - It probably looks like I m being a bit lazy but just really busy at work and hence have barely time to read through the portal (would be a ton of fun though :)). So pardon me.

hotmilk400 12-16-2014 04:29 AM

A BMW Dealer. Most of them should be able to order it. I would check on the part number (they should be able to tell you the part number based on your vin number)

It will probably run you between $800 - $1000. You can probably call up your local dealer or get them online from a few dealers who sell online. I dont think you will be able to get this new form anyone else for under $800. It is a specialty part, you will have to grab it used if you want a reasonable price.





Front bumper, you can grab used pretty cheap and in the correct color. The base model should sell for $50 - $80. The M style bumper sells for $70 - $150. If you want new, you can order the M Style for about $200 but you will have to have it painted, that will run you $200ish more. Hope that helps. Not sure about the bonnet.

Manan^BMW 12-16-2014 02:41 PM

Thanks much for the links. Incredible that a wiring harness should cost so much (sigh!).

The front bumper estimates are based on what source? Nothing for the bonnet then? Struggle on I suppose

hotmilk400 12-16-2014 07:23 PM

Check eBay and Google if you want prices, it only takes seconds. I am not going to do your shopping for you. If you are unsure of a part number, use Realoem.com to find the part number and use that to search. Check your local Craigslist for used front bumpers in the correct color. If you are okay with spending over $400 for a new one that is painted to match, grab an M style unpainted one online and take it to paint/body shop. Paint to match the BMW perfectly is expensive, two coats and clear coat runs well over $200 if you want it to match. Not matching (close enough) will be less. I know the Corvette I just bought was painted for $300 but the paint is chipping off and no clear coat. Last owner was an idiot. It makes flipping the corvette very hard if the paint comes off while you drive it. Their is no saving money when you paint a part, so you might as well look used, either on ebay or locally.

Best of luck

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