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BlackBMWs 10-11-2016 08:04 AM

2017 318ti.org Calendar Submissions
Time again for our 12th annual 318ti.org calendar. Bradestar and I are volunteering this year with calendar creation. Thank you Steven for all the great work you did in the previous years!

Post your 1 photo to http://www.318ti.org/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=1100

Please, only 1 photo. Feel free to post and delete but at the deadline, please only have one photo.

Photos must denote the 318ti. Must be able to see it is a TI! From the front a ti looks like any other E36.

2400 x 1800 pixels or higher. Anything lower may be rejected.

Landscape only.

Did I mention, 1 photo per member?

Voting will be by a hidden poll.

Deadline to submit photo 11:59pm, Sunday, Nov 27, 2016.

Voting will be in the first week of Dec for just one week so we can get this assembled and sent to the publisher.

You can only vote once and vote for multiple choices.

You may enter a group photo.

In the spirit of the group, photos previously selected are not eligible.

If you run into a problem, PM me at here at the forum and include your username.

Thanks for your entries and voting in advance!

Please help monitoring photos so that there is only one per member.


Rich aka "BlackBMWs" :cool:

BRADESTAR 10-17-2016 09:27 PM

Excellent! The calendar must live on...

Post photo's ya'll, immortalize your rig. Let's create a goodin. 2017! The year of the Ti.

BlackBMWs 10-18-2016 04:58 PM

Lovin the pics coming in... I've felt Tony's pain the same way in desolation... Keep the pics coming!

Cheers! Rich :cool:

BMW_Hatchback 10-21-2016 05:57 PM


BlackBMWs 10-21-2016 11:57 PM

Thanks Cedric!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

eurohb 10-23-2016 10:04 PM

I'm done :)

BMW_Hatchback 10-23-2016 10:59 PM

Awesome! Hopefully we get more!

BRADESTAR 10-26-2016 08:07 PM

Bradestar's weekly reminder to post pictures.

I've seen some nice ones added to threads, go ahead and stick one in here. Won't hurt.

Thanks to our contributors thus far. True gentlemen.

BRADESTAR 11-09-2016 09:03 PM

And another.

I've been doing some research into this. I have found a calendar that we might be able to support.

The Discordian Calendar - This calendar consists of 5, 73-day months. Might not be the most useful calendar to have at a work desk though....

Post your pictures people!

skimmer 11-10-2016 05:14 AM

Posted one.Sorry it took so long

BlackBMWs 11-11-2016 09:41 AM

Uploaded one, will decide which one to keep... Cheers!

Otbc 11-13-2016 08:43 AM

having issues submitting the photo i uploaded.

1996 328ti 11-14-2016 01:02 AM


Originally Posted by Otbc (Post 382714)
having issues submitting the photo i uploaded.

What issue? Was there an error message?

Otbc 11-14-2016 02:39 AM

Not sure where to post it

BlackBMWs 11-14-2016 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by Otbc (Post 382714)
having issues submitting the photo i uploaded.

Hi What sort of issue are you having? Are you loading from a desktop or a mobile device?

I'll give you a hand. Cheers! :cool:

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