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Swap_File 06-20-2008 05:03 AM

96 318ti with 94 325i Engine
If anyone remembers, back in December I picked up a 318ti.

96 318ti with automatic transmission, 130K miles, Free

Visually it was in great shape, but the engine was blown.

Since then, I have been watching for a cheap 325i to use for a manual transmission and engine swap.

Last week I picked up this:

94 325i with manual transmission, 170K miles, $1000

This car was originally going to be turned into a track car, but the owner gave up on it due to lack of funds, and lack of time. It is actually drivable in its current condition, but I would not suggest it. Amazingly it only has one check engine code for the EVAP system (because it is currently unhooked).

It came with Bilstein HD struts, a TMS DME chip (I will need to dump this and see what is on it), and a set of staggered replica M Contour 17 inch rims. He said one of the rims might be tweaked a little, so I will have to get them checked at the local shop. The car might also have a short shifter, and he claimed it had an M3 exhaust, but I am not sure. All of this will be transfered over to the 318ti.

Unfortunately It did not come with hoses for the AC, the AC compressor, or cruise control. Hopefully I can find them all at the junkyard. Otherwise I will just wait and add them later.

For now I am finishing up gutting the climate control out of the 325i. In a few weeks I will have space in the shop to put the 325i and 318ti in, and then the swap will begin.

Edit: I do have a 2.93 differential on hand, but it is open and it has the 5 series back plate on it. Next time I am at the junkyard I am going to try to find another from a E30 that has an LSD. Worst case I can mix and match parts to make what I need.

tiFreak 06-20-2008 04:10 PM

good luck with the swap, I'm surprised too see an engine with more miles replacing an engine with less miles, but if it runs good, go for it :)

zboot 06-20-2008 04:33 PM

sweet stuff. I like the growing number of near simultaneous swaps going on :)

thesk8nmidget 06-20-2008 05:26 PM

yeah i need to jump on this band wagon but instead i found a set of wheels that will set me back as much as the swap would

elchicano 06-21-2008 06:00 AM

Dam josh you be going thru wheels like nothing. Yea prolly in a couple of years i might do a swap and get rid of my auto trans as well. Well GL with the swap.

Swap_File 07-29-2008 02:47 AM

I finally had room in the shop this last weekend, so I moved the 325i in and started stripping it. I pulled off the front, and got the exhaust off.


Does this look like a M3 exhaust to you? I probably won't be using it anyway, but it would be nice to know.

Also, I checked out the rear differential, and noticed that it was a 3.15 LSD. I'm not sure if I am going to sell it, or take it apart and shove it inside an E30 case. I guess it depends on what E30 differentials I find by the time I finish the engine swap. :)

Once the engine is out I am going to pull the valve cover and oil pan and have a little look around. Everything should be in working order, but I wouldn't mind double checking.

I did find an AC bracket and AC at the junkyard. $30 total, but it had no hoses. Oh well.

M4YTY 07-29-2008 09:30 PM

Hey. Ive just done the same swap but into my 98 ti. Did you say you were getting rid of the TMS chip? If so can i have first dibs?!

Swap_File 08-14-2008 09:39 PM

I wasn't planning on getting rid of the chip, but I do have an EEPROM reader and was planing on making a BIN of it. I can post it here when I eventually dump it.

I finally had some free time this last weekend so I got the engine out:

I ended up taking the engine and transmission out together. I put a floor jack under the transmission, and put a hoist on the front engine mount. Then I pulled the engine out as far as I could, and then put the belt around the transmission on the other hoist to get it out.

I ended up lowering the steering rack (4 bolts, 1 U Joint) to make it easier to remove the engine.


I started making a list of all the stuff I need:

Full set of shifter bushings and plastic washers
Valve cover gasket set (Minor Leak)
Oil Pan gasket (Minor leak)
Transmission shift lever seal (Leak)
Probably Transmission output seal (maybe input too?) while I am at it
Engine mounts are bad.
Probably transmission mounts while I am at it
Guibo looks like it may have been replaced already.
One exhaust stud broke off
Lower temp fan switch and lower temp thermostat (for fan delete)

I have not yet looked at the clutch, and I need to inspect the intake (Previous owner had removed the intake and was going to sell it separate before I offered to buy the car whole).

The free rims are now in town getting dismounted:

It looks like the previous owner tried to rotate these staggered tires and ended up with the wide ones on the front. There are some major wear marks on the inside of the wheel well, and you can see a chunk taken out of this tire.

I test fitted them on the 318ti and they seemed fine with the wide in the back and narrow on the front. I will probably be using them once they are fixed up.

Here is a picture of a similar rim being used on someone else's 318ti:

Swap_File 09-03-2008 11:41 PM

I started ripping into the 318ti last week, but I do not have the engine and transmission out yet.

This weekend I went to the junkyard. For $100 I picked up 2 3.73 E30 LSDs, 3 E30 axles, an E30 sunroof wind deflector (Might fit the e36?), and an Nissan 300zx seat (To make into a desk chair).

I am not sure if I will actually use two of these E30 axles, or just use them as core exchanges.

It looks like I will be spending about another $500 on seals, mounts, and other little parts:

Once I am sure I have everything figured out, I will place one large order from pelican parts.

I have already ordered a new clutch kit with a sprung full face Kevlar disc and 16 pound steel flywheel (Versus the stock 25 pound dual mass flywheel). It was about $480.

Watchmyradical 09-04-2008 08:10 PM

what clutch kit and flywheel did you get and where at? ... looks like a good price.

Are you going to use to Ti or 325 tans?

Swap_File 10-17-2008 06:51 PM

Sorry about the delay in updating, work is always eating up my time...

I got a Gripforce Flywheel and Kevlar (Not really Kevlar) Clutch Kit bundle off eBay. The forced induction guys on bimmerforums gave these kits a good review.


Now, they claim the the pressure plate is kevlar, but from the picture it is very clear it is not. I knew this going in, and was fine with it. I actually wanted a organic disc. The disc itself is from clutchnet and it uses Raybestos B1675 material, and the kit has a Sachs pressure plate.


It is a cheap clutch disc material that is supposed to wear out quickly, but grip very well. I will see how it works out.




Swap_File 10-17-2008 07:03 PM

(Split into two posts due to image limits)




Swap_File 10-17-2008 07:06 PM

(Sorry, split into 3 posts due to the number of pictures)

I also got the engine & transmission pulled from the 318ti:



I plan on selling the transmission locally for pickup only, but I will probably just unbolt all the accessories from the engine and sell them on the forums here or on eBay.

My huge pelican parts order is coming in on Tuesday, and then work can resume.


Item Name                    Item Price    Quantity  Item Total
 ---------                    ----------    --------  ----------
 11-14-1-432-240-M30              $2.25        1          $2.25
  Gasket, Rear Crankshaft Seal Housing, E36 3-Series all  Brand: Elring

 11-14-2-249-533-M104            $25.00        1          $25.00
  Rear Main Seal, 318i/is/iC 1992-98, 318ti 1995-99, 323i/is/iC 1996-99,
  325i/is/iC 1992-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-99, M3 With 3.2L Engine, 1996-99,
  Each    Brand: CFY-Freudenberg

 21-51-7-570-284-M9              $4.75        1          $4.75
  Pivot Pin Spring Clip, BMW E36 3 Series, All 1992-99, Each  Brand:
  Genuine BMW

 07-11-9-901-023-M9              $1.00        6          $6.00
  Pressure Plate Bolt, BMW E36 3 Series, All, 1992-99, Each Brand:
  Genuine BMW

 23-12-1-282-394-M204            $6.75        1          $6.75
  Selector Rod Seal, Manual Transmission, 318i/is/iC 1992-98, 318ti
  1995-99, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-99, M3 1995-99 Brand:

 23-12-1-222-972-M175            $23.00        1          $23.00
  Input Shaft Seal, Manual Transmission, 318i/is/iC 1992-98, 318ti 1995-
  99, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-99 Brand: Sabo

 23-12-1-222-771-M175            $13.00        1          $13.00
  Output Shaft Seal, Manual Transmission, 318i/is/iC 1992-98, 318ti
  1995-99, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-99, M3 1995-99 Brand:

 21-51-1-223-328-M200            $1.50        1          $1.50
  Pivot Pin for Clutch Fork Lever, BMW E36 3 Series, All 1992-99, Each
  Brand: MTC

 21-52-1-159-045-M36            $48.25        1          $48.25
  Clutch Slave Cylinder, 318i/is/iC 1992-98, 318ti 1995-99, 323i/is/iC
  1998-99, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-99, Each  Brand: Febi

 11-53-1-466-174-80-M322        $22.75        1          $22.75
  Thermostat, 80 Degree, 325/e/es/i/is/iC,iX 9/85-91 Brand: Behr-

 11-53-1-265-084-M16              $1.00        1          $1.00
  Thermostat O-Ring, 60 X 3.5, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-99,
  M3 1995-99, Each  Brand: Bruss

 11-53-1-740-437-M17              $1.50        1          $1.50
  Gasket, Thermostat Housing, 323is/iC, 325i/is/iC 05/92-99, 328i/is/iC
  1996-99, M3 1995-99, Each  Brand: Victor Reinz

 32-41-1-093-596-M17              $0.25        2          $0.50
  Sealing Ring for Power Steering lines, At Power Steering Rack, BMW E36
  3 Series, All 1992-99, Each  Brand: Victor Reinz

 32-41-1-093-597-M17              $0.50        4          $2.00
  Sealing Ring for Power Steering Lines, At Power Steering Pump, BMW E36
  3 Series, All 1992-99, Each  Brand: Victor Reinz

 25-11-1-434-194-M9              $1.25        1          $1.25
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Rubber Buffer (Sponge) for Shift Rod Joint at
  Transmission, 318i (1984-85), 318i/is/iC (1991), 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX
  (1984-91), M3 (1987-91), BMW E36 3-series all (1992-99)  Brand:
  Genuine BMW

 23-41-1-466-134-M200            $1.00        1          $1.00
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Dowel Pin for Shift Rod Joint, 318i (1984-85),
  318i/is/iC (1991), 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-91), M3 (1987-91)
  Brand: MTC

 25-11-1-203-682-M9              $1.25        1          $1.25
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Pin retaining clip, 318i/is/iC/ti, (1992-08/95),
  325i/is/iC (1992-08/94), Each  Brand: Genuine BMW

 25-11-7-503-525-M200            $19.00        1          $19.00
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Shift Rod Coupler, 525i (With M20 Engine)(1989-
  90), 525i/Touring (With M50 Engine)(1991-10/94), 535i (1989-92), M5
  (1991-93)  Brand: MTC

 25-11-1-469-397-M92              $5.75        1          $5.75
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Shift Tower Bushing for Shift Lever Pivot, Each
  Brand: SKF

 25-11-1-222-015-M9              $18.25        1          $18.25
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Shifter Arm Plastic Bushing (attaches to
  chassis), E36 3 Series, All (1992-99), Each  Brand: Genuine BMW

 25-11-1-221-849-M9              $6.50        1          $6.50
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Locking Pin for Shift Lever Support Arm Bushing,
  318i/is/iC (1991), 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-91), E36 3 Series, All
  (1992-99), Each  Brand: Genuine BMW

 25-11-1-221-700-M9              $19.00        1          $19.00
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Rubber Lower Shift Boot, BMW E36 3-Series all
  (1992-99), Z3 roadster/coupe all  Brand: Genuine BMW

 25-11-7-519-669-M213            $6.75        1          $6.75
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Shifter arm bushing (attaches to transmission),
  318i/is/iC (1991), 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-91), M3 (1987-91),
  318i/is/iC/ti, (1992-99), 325i/is/iC (1992-96), each  Brand: D P H

 25-11-1-220-439-M9              $0.50        4          $2.00
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Yellow plastic washer/bushing/shim for shift
  selector rod, 4 Per Car, E36 3 Series, All (1992-99), Each  Brand:
  Genuine BMW

 25-11-1-220-379-M9              $1.25        2          $2.50
  Kit PEL-SKSBE36-02N: Shift Rod Circlip at Shift Rod Joint and Shift
  Lever, 318i (1984-85), 318i/is/iC (1991), 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-
  91), M3 (1987-91), E36 3 Series, All (1992-99), 530i (E34), 540i
  (E34), Each  Brand: Genuine BMW

 22-11-6-779-970-M270            $51.25        2        $102.50
  Engine Mount, Left or Right, 2 Per Car, E36 325i/is, 323is, 323iC auto
  trans, 328i/is, 328iC from 8/96 auto trans, Each  Brand: Corteco

 18-30-1-716-888-M131            $7.75        2          $15.50
  Gasket, Exhaust Manifold to Catalyzer Pipe, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, M3
  1995-99 2 per car, sold per each Brand: Fischer & Plath

 18-30-1-737-774-M58              $0.50        6          $3.00
  Copper Lock Nut, 10mm Exhaust Flange, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, 318i/is/iC
  1992-98, 328i/is/iC 1996-99 318ti 1995-99, M3 1995-99 Brand: OEM

 07-11-9-963-150-M131            $0.25        1          $0.25
  Aluminum Washer 12 x 17 for Oil Drain Plug: E36 325i/iC/is, M3 B30,
  Each Brand: Fischer & Plath

 11-13-1-437-237-M16            $17.50        1          $17.50
  Engine Oil Pan Gasket, 325i/is/iC 1995-99, 328i/is/iC 1996-99, M3
  1995-99 Brand: Bruss

 11-61-1-717-259-M17              $3.50        6          $21.00
  Intake Manifold Gasket, 6 Per Car, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, M3 With 3.0L
  Engine 1995, Each  Brand: Victor Reinz

 11-12-1-437-395-M208            $1.25        15          $18.75
  Valve Cover Nut Seal sold per each, 15 Per Car: E36 323is/iC,
  325i/is/iC, 328i/is/iC, M3 B30/B32 Brand: Gloeckler

 11-12-0-034-107-M30            $24.75        1          $24.75
  Valve Cover Gasket Set, Includes Spark Plug Sealing Gaskets,
  325i/is/iC 09/92-95, M3 With 3.0L Engine 1995 Brand: Elring Klinger
  - Prepackaged Gasket Sets are non-returnable if they have been
    removed from their sealed factory packaging

 12-12-9-064-619-M220            $8.00        6          $48.00
  NGK Spark Plug, 318i/is/iC 1992-98, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, M3 1995-99
  Brand: NGK

 64-31-9-071-933-M276            $24.50        2          $49.00
  Microfilter for A/C System 2 per car, sold per each, 318ti 1995-99,
  Each  Brand:

 11-28-1-469-266-M21            $14.75        1          $14.75
  Belt for Alternator/Water Pump, 6K X 1555, 325i/is/iC from 09/91,
  323i/is/iC 1996-99, 328i/is/iC 1996-99, M3 1995-99; superceded from
  11281437929 Brand: Contitech

 13-32-1-740-985-M67            $15.00        1          $15.00
  Fuel Filter, 318i/is/iC 09/94-99, 318ti 1995-99, 323i/is/iC 1996-99,
  325i/is/iC 09/94-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-99, M3 1995-99, Each  Brand:
  Mahle Filter

 13-72-1-730-946-M67              $9.50        1          $9.50
  Air Filter, 323i/is/iC 1998-99, 325i/is/iC 1992-95, 328i/is/iC 1996-
  99, M3 1994-99 Brand: Mahle Filter

 11-42-1-730-389-M67              $5.25        1          $5.25
  Oil Filter Kit, 325i/is/iC 1992-95 Brand: Mahle Filter

Shipping for Package 1:                                    $FREE

Total Price:                                              $586.25

Here is a picture I took of the 318ti looking at the new engine:


tiFreak 10-17-2008 07:09 PM

lol, I like the last pic, that's funny, looks like your project's finally starting to pick up steam

Bluebimma 10-24-2008 03:48 PM

Looks good so far. Interested in trading a 3.25lsd for a 3.73lsd?

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