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Artem 06-12-2012 02:14 AM

NORCAL - 2001 325I sport package 5-speed for sale, rare interior
I begrudgingly have to sell my car, this is a 1998 318TI California edition with an M-sport package, 5-speed transmission and 128ish thousand miles.

I bought the car with a ton of issues 3 years ago with 78k miles on it and slowly rebuilt/replaced almost everything that can be replaced. Unfortunately for me, my boss pretty much gave me his old E36 M3, which has a pretty tight suspension, so I may have to keep it, and for the right price I will let go of my "baby"

The car has the following options:
M-sport package
Alarm w. 2 FOBs
Full OBC (which is surprisingly great)
California roof option (the motor's gear is worn out, but the roof was rebuilt and re-lubed by me personally, I spent a whole lot of money on spare parts and waited for them to come in from Germany)
Two-tone cloth/leather interior manual M-seats
Factory LSD (left two solid lines when i played with old tires in the parking lot)
Factory 16" 5-spoke wheels
I have CD changer interfaces that come with it, and a CD changer or two - you can have them along with plenty of spare parts.

The following is a list of "upgrades" and recent maintenance issues:
Radiator, waterpump with a metal impeller and hoses (~85k miles)
Engine oil filter housing seals (~85k miles)
Clutch ~91k miles
ZHP weighted 5-speed shifter knob
California roof sliders, clips, etc etc.. - all but the roof motor
Repaired door cards/ reglued and replaced all clips
New OEM Sport package Sachs shocks all around ~110k miles
New OEM M3 offset bushings ~110k miles
New Lemfoerder control arms ~110k miles
New DEPO headlights, wired OEM style with high beam back lights in the US marker system (I can make it 100% euro, or 100% US spec if need be, but
looks really cool as-is)
New BMW tie-rods (paid a premium for that, didnt want to do it myself)
New coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid with a power steering reservoir
Larger brakes - E36/ 318TI late 98 brake rotors in the front and OEM 318TI rotors in the back with AKEBONO EURO pads - all around these things are great, they dont dust up at all.
Brand new tires less than 2000 miles ago, continental DWS's - they are the best all season tire I have ever had on any car in my experience, and they lasted 50k miles on the car already.

I was playing around with the audio system in the car as well, but I can put OEM amplifier in it with stock speakers, as I didnt cut anything - I created an adapter to plug into OEM harness using the stock connectors.

This was a car I owned the longest and I really hate to sell it, but I have to. I also have an E46 325i with a sport package and manual red leather interior that I have to sell for my girlfriend, its too bad living in San Francisco and not needing cars/or having space to work on them or even park them...

I'll start the price at ambitious $8k and will be open to offers, I am in not a huge rush to sell it, but I cant drag my feet for too long.


jca 06-13-2012 03:44 AM

Pictures would be nice.

Artem 06-13-2012 05:32 AM

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Sorry guys, im still not sure if ill sell it, but heres the worst side

Artem 06-13-2012 08:07 PM

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Couple of things I forgot is I machined the bracket for the coil-on-plug conversion and made a custom harness for it, which all looks OEM and plugs directly into the OEM M44 coil connector, and I have extra coils for that. I installed this thing about a year ago.

I also replaced the california roof gasket, as it was leaking really bad whenever it rained, and I replaced the carpet completely, as a friend of mine accidentally spilled coffee in there. This was done about 1.5 - 2 years ago.

And here are some more pictures.

I am still thinking whether to install a DASC kit and keep it or to sell it, I just wish it was faster.

WilC 06-14-2012 03:12 PM

If you have a DASC for sale, I'll buy if from you...

Nice car, GLWS.

Breticus 06-14-2012 11:57 PM

How much for the DASC?

LonjeF 06-18-2012 05:51 PM

Hello , i'm interested in your bmw , though i am located in los angles are you nearby here ? please , i am a serious buyer thank you !

Artem 06-18-2012 06:13 PM

Hey LonjeF, and the rest,

Unfortunately, I have just decided to abandon my plans in selling this car. I will sell my M3 instead, and I just bought a DASC kit that I will be putting into it shortly.


robertpatrik85 06-21-2012 07:16 PM

Can you just give photos of the car that you want to sell?

Artem 07-06-2012 02:52 AM

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Sorry guys, here is the car I want to sell - its a 325i from 2001

It has a manual transmission, red leather interior, and 115k miles on it.

It has a huge laundry list of things that I have fixed on it over the years, since buying it used from its original owner back in 2005, most of them are recent. We owned it in Boston and drove it cross country. I wouldnt hesitate doing it again in this car as it has been extremely dependable to us and I know that it will treat the next owner well.

Of the new things it has, brand new suspension - both control arm bushings (Urethane) and housings, shocks, all new shock mounts, new spring perches, new bump stops all around - this is my girlfriend's car and I did all the work personally, and replaced everything with meticulous care. I can tell you everything up to the torque spec of each bolt that I tightened.

I replaced the cooling system (waterpump, thermostat, expansion housing, hoses) at around 100k miles, and can do another coolant flush before you title gets transferred to a new buyer if you wish.

I replaced the valvecover gasket at around 110k miles.

Oil changes were done by me personally as well, and I have a record of the most recent one as I did it at the dealership, before doing the shocks, this was done less than 1.5k miles ago.

Everything works great in the car, there are no mechanical problems whatsoever, the underside is pretty dry as well, and there are no unusual leaks or noises at any point in driving the car.

The car has never been in an accident and the exterior is very clean. I will pay to professionally wash the car before the new owner will take it home. The only thing that was ever wrong with it was a broken front lower bumper insert, and I replaced it with an OEM part from the BMW dealership. I never put anything that was not BMW in the car, except for the urethane bushings, they are the Powerflex purple Bushings that restored the handling capabilities of the car to when it was virtually brand new. There are no dings anywhere, there are minor scuff marks (less than a quarter inch) from someone pushing into it while parking, and there is a very small scratch on the hood close to the roundel, besides that the car's exterior is in great shape.

The car was babied by me and I took exceptional care of it, I wouldnt let anyone else work on it as this was my girlfriend's car; the car is very safe, it has 12 airbags and a good crash safety record, which was part of the reason we bought it for my girlfriend originally, and we really want it to go to a good family. It has a cold weather package, sport package. Some of the rare perks of it are the two-tone red and black door panels which were almost never offered on a non-M car, and heated red leather seats.

If you would like to know more about the car, or to make an appointment to check it out please email me or call at (six 1 seven) 501 - six 3 four 5

Its located in the san francisco bay area, and I can meet you somewhere of your choosing.

Cheers all!

Exterior pics are too big, so here is the link to my craigslist ad: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/3121237065.html

gregoirep7 07-28-2012 04:16 PM

Hi there: is your car still for sale? I would like to see it. Please call me anytime. My cell is 510-333-0745. I'm looking @ 2 different 318ti's today. Thanks very much, greg. P.S. - I'm in Oakland, just across the estuary.

gregoirep7 07-28-2012 04:17 PM

is it still for sale
I'm in Oakland, looking at 2 318ti's today. WOuld love to see yours.
My cell is 510-333-0745.



Uber E30 08-03-2012 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by gregoirep7 (Post 335359)
Hi there: is your car still for sale? I would like to see it. Please call me anytime. My cell is 510-333-0745. I'm looking @ 2 different 318ti's today. Thanks very much, greg. P.S. - I'm in Oakland, just across the estuary.

Unless you mean his m3, which I don't think you do, I think the answer is no.


Originally Posted by Artem (Post 332380)
I have just decided to abandon my plans in selling this car. I will sell my M3 instead

Artem 08-03-2012 09:36 PM

Oh sorry guys, I just noticed this thread...

The 325i is sold now (car in pictures with red interior), and the M3 is the next on the list. I am in the middle of supercharging the TI, so as soon as that is done I will sadly have to say bye to the M3... But I think my TI will keep me happy for a long while...

Oh and Greg - if you have any questions, feel free to call me at my cell that I mentioned above (in the 325 post), I may have some spares lying around too. (If you find that right TI) :)

Thanks for all your interest!

achiang 08-23-2012 06:41 AM

I'm a little late but is your m3 still available?

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