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ilillund83 04-05-2021 04:13 AM

Fuel pressure/Fuel trims question
Hi all, I recently did a couple engine swaps and the ti's DASC m44 ended up in my 74 2002. Most of the bugs have been worked out and I am just trying to get things dialed in.

The issue I am having is getting the fuel pressure correct. When I pinch the return line while the engine is running I see a max pressure of about 70psi (Seems low..?) At idle I am around 35psi with high 20+ fuel trims but rapidly decrease when I give it some gas.

Does 70 seem low for full pressure? 35 at idle seems about right (I think) but why the high trim? I have checked and checked for vacuum leaks but everything seems tight. Interested in any thoughts or suggestions from the community.

I guess the main question is, Does this sound a vacuum leak, weak pump or bad pressure regulator?

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