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maximussmurf 03-18-2020 06:29 AM

New Aussie 318ti owner
Hi all,

I recently picked up a little 318ti with a bit of work done to it, just touching up a few last little bits and pieces now before getting it on the road here in Melbourne, Australia.

The old girl started life as a humble Techno-Violet mtech 318ti. She's now also got;
- M52B28 motor
- ZF320 gearbox
- M50B25 manifold
- ECU tune to suit
- BC Coilovers
- 3.64 medium case LSD with E30 LSD centre
- Convertible X-brace
- New poly bushes
- E46 steering rack
- Gresham gearbox mounted shifter
- Rear seat delete (replaced with carpeted wooden false floor)

Just grabbed some light weight wheels on her (TR Motorsport C2's in 17x8.5 +40) now and some new 255/45/17 RS4's. Getting height and alignment sorted and a couple of dicky little ABS and ECU bugs I'll probably hassle you guys about elsewhere on the forum :)

She'll be my daily driver once she's back on the road. Should make for a really nice little punchy drivers car with still having a litttttle bit of that creature comfort life.

Pics are from previous owner hence slammed and OZ Futura wheels (which I personally didn't like)

Also if anyone has any good advice or tips for mods or anything at all I'm all ears.

My ideas for future plans:
- 328ti badge :P
- Sports / bucket seats
- Replace Gresham shifter with RTD shifter (seems like it is smoother with the springs to return to centre)
- Add AC compressor so I don't die from heat in Aussie Summer.
- Steering wheels, maybe one of those alacantra ones that guy does out of Poland.
- Single DIN Android smart headunit for Android Auto etc
- New good quality from split speakers and some kind of subwoofer for better in car audio.
- Maybe wire in Link ECU for better OBD outputs for track work. Better tuning, and will work with other engines if I ever go 1.5JZ, LS1 or something else one day. Oh also will allow electronic throttle body so I can add cruise control 'easily'.

Got some pics in a Google album here

maximussmurf 07-10-2020 07:23 AM

Since posting I've done a little maintenance and some upgrades order and getting installed shortly.

- New valve cover (mine was cracked)
- New valve cover gaskets
- New Exhaust manifold and exhaust gaskets

- Joying 8" Android Headunit (looks and works pretty darn good)

Purchased but yet to be delivered / installed (waiting to get it all done in one go)
- Powerflex subframe and diff bushes
- Powerflex lower control arm bushes
- Hillside strengthening kits for diff, sway bar link, lower control arms
- Hillside plates for rear toe/camber adjustment (weld into subframe)
- Hillside rear strut bar
- Apex ARC-8 17x9 +30 wheels in Hyper Black
- Local guys diff upgrade service, full rebuild of fluids and bearings. Upgrades standard two clutch packs to four for greater lock
- 328 badge, haha.

Hoping to get all that installed, height and alignment re-done (APEX wheels give me the 4mm extra clearance I need to drop the front a little more). Then the handling side should be pretty well done.

Next on the list:
- Adapter for e46 325i brakes on the rear
- E46 325i rear calipers, rotors
- E46 330i front calipers, rotors
- Braided brake lines
- Fresh brake fluid and pads

And that should have it pretty track ready by October when I'm hoping to take it out to Winton.

runnr548 07-10-2020 03:14 PM

Beautiful Ti!

lazoh 07-14-2020 06:01 PM

Very nice car and I sometimes travel to Melbourne, once the Covid is gone and i resume travel, I will see if I can see this nice car in person!

Welcome to the ORG as we call it!

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