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The numbers!! So the car now has an baseline off a mustang dyno.

Engine: m52b28
- Electric Fan
- S52 Cams
- TRM s52 cams tune
- Stock intake box/ filter
- Stock exhuast/cats/super quiet muffler

**CEL: Intake temp, cam sensor wires crossed and not reading properly

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

1st Pull

*** No graph***

2nd Pull

3rd Pull

I am not great at looking at dyno graphs, but I did ask them to include AFR, but I don't know what is good- lean, rich ratio is? It does seem that as the dyno guy said, "its a turd below 4k" so not sure if its a mix of s52 cams and the tune? (CEL fixed, now its a smoother powerband)

That being said the tune is also for s52 cams / m50 intake manifold + intake, so once the m50 intake manifold goes on I will probably do another dyno run and see how it compares. I think because the power band is higher up the rpm the 3.46 diff really makes it fun once i keep it above 4k, its really a lot of fun to drive, so we will see how it goes with the 3.15 diff.

Lastly if I assume 15% drivetrain loss, and made 191 peak wheel horse power, that puts me at roughly 220hp crank!! Which is 5hp off my guesstimate on post #25 "Speed!". Not bad! S52 cams = win!


So now that the CEL has been fixed the midrange is a lot better - the Cam sensor wire and intake temp sensor was crossed - once the m50 intake manifold goes on I hope to dyno again and see what we get.

***328ti Build thread. ***

Even more important:
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