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Ouch! That's pretty harsh. He's new to the game, so he probably isn't aware of the consequences of overheating these motors. Let me emphasize the severity of this for you Shane, if you overheat the engine, meaning if that needle on your dash begins to rise beyond the 12 o'clock position, you run a substantial risk of blowing a headgasket. Not just a substantial risk, but probably a 75% chance with another 10% for every 30 seconds that it's in the red. If you blow a headgasket, it often causes warpage of the aluminum head. At the very minimum, if you do the work yourself, you're looking at atleast 12 hours, maybe double if you've never done one before and about 300-400 bucks if the head isn't warped. A shop will more than likely charge between 1500-2000 bucks to do this job. Total waste if you ask me considering it only takes a few minutes to read through some threads and learn how to properly bleed the system. Whether or not you decide to learn the hard way is entirely up to you. You could either take the mechanics word that he bled your system, in which case you'll likely be going back to give him more of your business in the near future(about $2000 worth of your business). Or you could simply take the advice given AND BLEED YOUR COOLING SYSTEM!!! Apparently our advice wasn't good enough if you decided to take the car to a mechanic and have the thermostat replaced when the symptoms described in your first post clearly indicated that you have air in your system.

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Hope that helps. Hope it's not too late. Good luck, sorry if I came off rude, just hate repeating myself over and over again
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