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+1 on the previous post mentioning the chart.
I checked out the chart in the handbook for my '97 318ti M-Pack (Not M) with 242k Km.
It states 20w50 year round, which is about the cheapest there is. I use Castrol GTX and change it more often than the regular service interval. Temps here 10C to 40C over the year. I would not go to some of the thinnest available as the engine was never designed for it from new. 10w? Only if I was above the Artic Circle with a fresh engine.
Because of the situation with my engine I am using GTX Diesel at the moment to clean out the engine interior (more active detergent component). I anticipate changing the filter out before the oil as I expect it to become blocked - I have been caught with that before in similar circumstances.
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