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Default 2015 calendar

Our 10th annual calendar.

Post your 1 photo to
Please, only 1 photo. Feel free to post and delete but at the deadline, please only have one photo.

Photos must denote the 318ti.

No frontal shots! From the front a ti looks like any other E36.

2400 x 1800 pixels or higher. Anything lower may be rejected.

Landscape only.

Did I mention, 1 photo per member?

Voting will be by a hidden poll.
Deadline to submit photo Nov 15, 2014.

Voting will be Nov 15 thru Nov 31.
Maybe sooner depending on how the votes go.

You can only vote once and vote for multiple choices.

You may enter a group photo.

The calendar will be assembled in December.

In the spirit of the group, photos previously selected are not eligible.

Last year's calendar is at
Past calendars can be seen at and available at
I will use once again since cafepress has issues using BMWs in photos.

I never know if the uploads will work from year to year.
If you run into a problem, email me at and include your username.
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