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Markets and pricing are fluid as everyone knows. Ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers.

Is yours a base, active or a sport package?

A car similar to yours sold here in Denver about a year ago, a 1998, Red, Sport (good), Automatic (not good), 48,800 miles (great!), 1 owner (sweet!), it was on both Craigslist and ebay and sold for $6500 very quickly.

The manual shift makes your car more desirable. I would put a higher price on it and see if you get any interest. $6500 would be the bottom floor for me personally.

I can see why you “have someone that wants it very badly locally” because your car sounds like an extremely nice, unmolested example of a 318ti, and those are getting harder to find with each passing year.

Good Luck!

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