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Default California top issue 1997


I have a 97 318ti with a California roof. Ive had it for about four years and I love this little car. It's had a persistent leak at all four corners. Then it started making this bupping noise at the end of the close. Last spring I opened it all the way, stuck a wire down the tubes and got no resistance. Cleaned out the track and got out a new can of lithium grease to lube it but alas, the top was broken off the can. I proceeded to squeeze some out in the cap and was putting it in the track when it suddenly started to rain! So I pushed up on it and got it to close. I have not opened it since.

Last week, I took it to a body shop where someone I know works to see if he could check the drain tubes. He had repainted my hood and done an excellent job. He took down the headliner and could not find how to access the tubes. So he opened the top. Greased it. and it closed. . . almost. . . all the way. I covered it with a garbage bag and strip magnets.

I took it all over town (Joplin, MO) and no one thought they could fix it. Called BMW in Springfield and they referred me to a convertible shop. They had never seen one. Called BMW in Kansas City and took it there with an estimate of $425 to get it closed and see if the tubes would reconnect.

Not. It would cost $11,000 to fix it! That's right eleven thousand dollars! It even shocked them. From Germany, custom made. They taped it shut.

Ive about decided to close it with some plexi or lexan if I can, but would like to see if anyone knows a way to fix these before I take this drastic step. I was trying to keep it stock and hate to do that.

Any suggestions?

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