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I decided to take my lights apart to tint the inner lens covers which was pretty fiddly, but i had seen it done on a few others and really liked the look of it.

Shortly after I had started changing bits I went to BHP show at Lydden Hill, where I saw quite a few BMWs on dare wheels which kind of sucked haha, So I decided I needed to make mine different, I found someone who offered to paint them for a very good price. when I was at the spray shop choosing a colour I found one I liked and left him to it. It wasn't till after I realized it was a lambo colour!

I stole the strut brace out of my girlfriends polo, (which I brought and fitted anyway) chopped the ends off and re-welded a plate on each end shaped around the turret, I then drilled holes in the plates and the turrets painted it the same colour as the wheels and bolted it in!

I also purchased an x brace from someone on Driftworks as I had read up on them, and apparently they make quite a bit of difference to how it handles, I cleaned it up and painted it with some old left over paint from something or other because I'm a massive lifestyler

So I tested it out on the way home after fitting it and quickly discovered that I wouldn't be able to run it! it hit everything possible so I took it off pretty sharpish..

I decided I wanted to spray the bumper to match the rest of the car, even though part of me really liked it in black.. I sprayed it with rattle cans and got a pretty good finish, then fitted some fog lights I picked up cheap.

The bumper was looking pretty good until I was parking it and touched a curb with the front lip it cracked the paint and started to peel. I Picked up these BBS center caps too for 15.

I plan on getting a respray of the whole car soon and changing the wheel colour again as i am bored of it anyway so I decided i would have a go at smoothing the front badge before it went for paint to save some money.. "How hard can it be!" pretty hard is the answer! It took a good few nights up the lockup and the weather didn't help being cold paint wouldn't dry etc. I started by removing the badge and grinding around the recess to give the fiberglass and filler something to stick too. i then laid some metal mesh in the hole and put some fiberglass over it once this had dried I put a skim of filler across the remaining thin lip. This took ages to sand down and the first attempt left a dipped spot in the filler so another skim was needed and sanded back flat again, after that i just rattle caned the bonnet ruffly (again it should be getting painted soon so not to bothered about the finish) we also fiberglassed and filled where there was front light washers at some point. all in all it was a massive ball ache and i will not be doing anymore smoothing! i will leave the rest of the bits i want smoothed to my good friend Lew at AB Styling :P

Here's how it looks up to date with the smoothed bonnet and washer holes and BBS center caps

Here's a list of other things I have done since owning the car but not managed to get pictures of!
Will try and get some to add when I'm doing other bits.

● New Rear top mounts and reinforcement plates
● Camber top mounts
● Made new exhaust (center back)
● Did Oil change + filter
● Replaced rocker cover gasket
● New spark plugs
● New air filter
● New fuel filter
● Black Mtec head lining (handles, sun visors etc)
● Mtec Rear Lights
● Fitted new window regulators
● Flip up Radio
● Pressed plates
● Had front window replaced (because of crack)
● Replaced split air intake pipes
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