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Question Cat got stolen, looking for advice.

After the catalytic converter got snatched last month i bought a new one + muffler from ebay but when i tried to mount it i came across a problem..
I've broken off the studs holding the old cat (or what's left of it) to the exhaust manifold.
Now i'm contemplating taking off the manifold so i can go to town on the remainder of the cat with an angle grinder and then drill out the studs from the manifold.

I'm just wondering if that's even possible without lifting the engine?
I also can't really lift the vehicle except for maybe 40-50cm (on jack stands), and about 1m of cat pipe is still attached.
And i don't want to break off the engine block studs, not sure if that's common? The nuts don't look rusted.

Maybe i should go see a real mechanic? lol
Any thoughts? Thanks.
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