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Originally Posted by J!m View Post
I think a real mechanic is a good idea.

The manifold nuts at the head are copper, so they shouldnít be rusty. The studs may be rusty but soaking them with penetrating oil will help. I always get new studs and nuts, or nuts at least and chase the stud threads with a die if Iím reusing them. New gasket goes without saying, but, I just said it.

Get whatís left off the car and on the bench so you can work on it. Youíll have to fit up everything on the car, unless you bought OEM parts. Leave all bolts loose until itís all in and on the hangers. Then start tightening bolts.
Hey Jim, thanks for the reply.

The nuts at the head seem very clean, but they don't look like copper to me. (i have only looked at them from underneath the car though so maybe they've discolored, not sure how long they've been on there)

I've got some WD40 and the gaskets + new nuts are not a problem, what i'm scared of is:
A) stud(s) breaking off
B) that i have to get the head off to get the manifold out.

Anyways, i'm gonna see a mechanic first and ask what they want to charge for it.
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