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Originally Posted by J!m View Post
If the nuts ARE copper, they will (worst case) strip on the rusty steel studs.

Once they are off/apart, use a pipe wrench to get the old studs out and install new ones.

Unless, they are not TOO bad, then just chase the threads with a die. Apply never-sieze to the studs before securing with the new nuts (and new gasket!)

It's been so long since I've looked at the 4-cylinder maybe they did use steel nuts at the head...
The part# for the head nuts is 11721437202 and a quick google image search tells me they should be copper.
But on my car, the nuts on the manifold to catalytic converter section were steel nuts and those are supposed to be copper too (18301737774).
Not sure if those were installed by BMW or a previous owner, i suspect the latter.
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