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Default Long time BMW owner, first project 318ti

Figured it was time to make an account and start connecting with people who know whats up w/ these cars instead of gleaning tidbits of what they answer in threads.

Been lurking on this site ever since I got a 1997 318ti black base model about 2 months ago.

I originally bought the car to have something I could beat on.
I have an e90 325xi daily, owned an e46 ZHP (2004) and an e30 318i (1991).
But I really wanted a car I could customize to my liking, and I just really like how the 318ti looks.
I've been thinking about autoX and really experiencing the limits of a car (never quite gone there on the street I hope, but I don't really don't know because I have not done it)

After buying the 318ti I drove a friends S52 swapped 318ti (Artem, he is obviously a member here as well) and it was INSANE! The most fun I think I have felt in a car in a while.

Now I just have one dream:
swap an N52 into the ti I just got.

- I love how my DD e90 325xi revs and pulls + the associated 6 speed is quite nice.
- The expected power/torque of a higher spec N52 setup is on par w/ the stock S52.
- It is more efficient, easier to source part/replacement for than an S52 as far as I can tell.
- Did I mention, I really like how the N52 + ZF S6-37 combo feels.

Well crazy dream shared, hello.

I know of one example of this type of swap on a 318ti,
And I've seen a few other e30 N52 swap threads.
Hopefully I'll cross paths w/ people involved .

P.S. I really wanna do this right, so hopefully can deliver the knowledge

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