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I would be cautious of a $700 N52 and it'll still need the typical BMW items such as gaskets, WP ($250 for N52) etc. Check around for other motors on other forums.
FB does have a lot but as Boston said, there is little need to join FB now.

If you like the power from the S52 I would look for S52 or M54B30. I would say main issue is that the N52 is not near as "plugnplay" as the S52 is (you can get that done in a few weekends) or even the M54. Ideally you'd need a donor car or at least an N52 with the full harness for this like the already mentioned swap had. The N52 318Ti was built by several BMW specific shops which have have many more resources that you or I would have. Not saying it's impossible but you might find yourself stuck more often than not. Since this isn't a popular swap in any chassis yet there are limited people to assist and guide. But if it's what you want it's what you want.

Personally if I had the time when I did mine, I would have gone for an M54B30. For the cost and power they make it would have been cheaper than the S52. Rebuilding one, even if you don't want to tear down the bottom end, is doable.

Check out the build threads below. The main issues on the M54 into E36 is modifying the wire harness which it seems like you have the skills to do so.

This youtube channel did it in an E36 with some pretty good vids.

Let us know what you're thinking. Cheers!
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