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Default FS Black 1997 318ti 5-speed, SoCal, $3,500

I apologize in advance for just signing up to put up a sales ad. I browsed the forum many times and it helped me alot. Thanks everyone!
For sale is our 1997 318ti with 5 speed manual with 147,853 miles. Gray interior and sunroof. The car has been daily driven by my wife. The registration is due this month, so in order to avoid back fees or waste money on a registration I don’t use, I would like to sell this car fast. The car is located in Menifee, California.

Along with the registration the car is due for smog this month. Recently (perfect timing) it started to throw a P203 error code and the CEL with it. This seems to be an issue with the fuel injector in cylinder 3. I have another project I’m working on, and my wife needs a dependable car that gets her to work and back. We love the car, but I don’t want it sitting around and not being able to drive it until I have time to repair it. I would love to pass it on to someone who appreciates it. Please read on if you are interested. I’m trying to be as complete as possible:

What you get
The car. I am the third owner. Second owner bought it in 2012. I took it over in summer 2017. The car got it's engine replaced at 124,155 miles in early 2017. I have invoices for many parts that have been replaced over the years, and all the parts that have been replaced when the engine was out, incl the cooling system. All parts are OEM or brand parts. Beside a weird wiring of the rear speakers and a dead wire for a subwoofer that was in the trunk, nobody has messed with it.
  • A/C works and blows cold
  • 16 inch wheels with good tires (Dunlop Dirreza)
  • Drilled and slotted front rotors
  • M3 front bumper, yellow fog lights, and sideskirts.
  • Projector headlights with HID conversion. Well done by the prev. Owner, works very well.
  • Modified air intake through the brake duct. K&N air filter included (I use paper filters, but the prev. Owner gave it to me, so I pass it on)
  • 25mm front strut brace
  • Z3 steering wheel. Could need a rewrap, but isn’t yucky, just worn.
  • E46 M 5 speed leather shifter knob. Replaced together with a leather boot on both the shifter and the e-brake last year.
  • All speakers have been replaced by prev owner. The ones in the rear sound terrible though. I blame wrong wiring, because the speakers (Alpine) are fine.
  • Last oil change in Sep.

  • Fuel Injector Code P203 (Cylinder 3 Injector Circuit Malfunction). The code pops up under load. While driving on the Freeway for longer time it disappears. The car starts a little rough with the code on, but runs fine once after a while.
  • Starter: The car has occasional starting issues. I’m certain it’s the pinion gear that needs some cleaning, because if it grips, it will start right up. If not, there is this typical whirling sound of it not engaging. Most of the time the starter works, but if not it needs a few attempts.
  • Driver side window regulator doesn’t work.
  • Passenger side lock turns but doesn’t lock or unlocks the door(s)
  • Dent on driver side quarter panel and other parking lot dings (believe me I cried on every single one).
  • Headliner, a-pillar, and sunroof switch panel. Somebody did a not so great job on replacing the headliner. It looks okay, but it always bugged me. The sunroof switch panel drops, I used velcro to keep it in place.
  • Rear bumper. Got it’s scratches from people who can’t park. Left side rear is loose and needs adjustment.
  • Windshield: Crack top right side
  • Driver side window: Window tint scratched from when window regulator failed and the glass dropped
  • Driver side seat torn and and slightly cracked. I wanted to replace them both, since I don’t find both not very comfortable. Folding mechanism and adjustment works fine.
  • Passenger side door has been repainted and starts to flake around the door handles and window seal where it was masked off.
  • Burn holes in the carpet and seat vinyl. Seats look good (beside the cracked vinyl on the driver side) but there are a few burn holes where someone dropped ash. I got the car clean, and it didn’t smell. We don’t smoke, so it must have been a long time ago. Hard to spot.
  • Passenger door panel makes noises due to one broken clip. Not loud but noticeable.
  • Cracked fog light. Front lights are protected with X-film. So the glass will hold.

I sell the cars with extra parts:
M3 trunk lip I didn’t had time to install
Spare ECM
Small parts like various trim clips
A remote
Engine parts. Like an extra super clean throttle body, air intake manifold, original air intake, o2 sensor and more smaller parts
full size spare wheel (not in the car)
Lowering springs (my wife doesn’t like low cars, so we kept the stock suspension),
original steering wheel,
stock tail lights, clear fogs, spare amber front blinker
extra set of x-film
monochrome BMW badges, and some other bits.

The numbers:

2014: M3 Front bumper with lip, yellow fog lights, m3 moldings, black grille,
2014: Powerflex Road Series Urethane Bushings
2014: M3 Intake boot
2014: New transmission mount bushings
2015: Dunlop Direzza
2015: Rear sway bar links and bushings
2015: Drive belt tensioner with protection cap
2015: Oil pressure switch
2015: Hood shocks
2015: A/C belt, A/C pulley
2015: Distribution hose for fuel injectors
2015: power steering hose, seal rings, reservoir container
2016: New alternator
2016: Spark plug wire set
2016: Crankshaft seal, exhaust manifold gasket, valve cover gasket
2016: A/C dryer
2016: Water pipe, connector, o rings
2016: Gasket air intake tube to manifold
By me:
2017 A/C service with pressure test, recharge, and uv dye
2017: Knock sensor, intake manifold gaskets,
2017: New Battery
2017: 2x Dunlop Dirreza
2017: New Radiator, clamps and hoses
2018: Trunk hatch shocks
2018: Immobilizer Antenna Ring
2018: New Rear shocks incl. Hardware.

Photos in my Dropbox, also the VIN .
Ask me questions, I will answer.

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