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Originally Posted by mrmikkelsen View Post
I just got a ti a lot like yours in So Cal about a month ago. It was only $60 + gas to rent a car and drive it down from Salinas for pick up. You'll sell that little gem quick, your market stretches all the way up past here. If you don't mind, are those tires 225/50r16? Mine has the little tiny 15 steel wheels, but I found some 16" wheels and am trying to figure what tires I'll get. Your profile looks about right. Thanks, Jon
Thanks, so far no interest. Have it listed on CL but for a higher price. Would rather sell it to a fellow BMW enthusiast.

The tires are indeed 225/50R16. They are Dunlop Direzzas, which I like alot. They come at the right price and are often even on sale.
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