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Default Differential Dummy

Thanks folks. My bad, it is a 168mm. ZEK, I know mounts and covers are different by model etc... but how can I quickly tell size (small, med, large) from just looking at the gear case casting itself? People advertise a medium rear but its hard to discern from a picture as its close in shape to the small. I had swapped in an LSD spool/carrier from a '92 coupe we stripped and junked and was hoping (wishing) I could just swap the guts to a Z32.8 or E24 case. Looks like not. The spool went right in. No changes needed for proper backlash and pattern. It was perfect. Doing gear work for quite a while and I never experienced that before. FYI- CoolJess76 (spell) has an all inclusive post from a few years back listing all the swap options for the Ti diff. I can't search by user name or I'd share it here again. P.S. I'd prefer to bite the bullet and source a complete rear subframe and all parts from a ZM. Know of any?
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