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A BMW Dealer. Most of them should be able to order it. I would check on the part number (they should be able to tell you the part number based on your vin number)

It will probably run you between $800 - $1000. You can probably call up your local dealer or get them online from a few dealers who sell online. I dont think you will be able to get this new form anyone else for under $800. It is a specialty part, you will have to grab it used if you want a reasonable price.

Front bumper, you can grab used pretty cheap and in the correct color. The base model should sell for $50 - $80. The M style bumper sells for $70 - $150. If you want new, you can order the M Style for about $200 but you will have to have it painted, that will run you $200ish more. Hope that helps. Not sure about the bonnet.
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