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Check eBay and Google if you want prices, it only takes seconds. I am not going to do your shopping for you. If you are unsure of a part number, use to find the part number and use that to search. Check your local Craigslist for used front bumpers in the correct color. If you are okay with spending over $400 for a new one that is painted to match, grab an M style unpainted one online and take it to paint/body shop. Paint to match the BMW perfectly is expensive, two coats and clear coat runs well over $200 if you want it to match. Not matching (close enough) will be less. I know the Corvette I just bought was painted for $300 but the paint is chipping off and no clear coat. Last owner was an idiot. It makes flipping the corvette very hard if the paint comes off while you drive it. Their is no saving money when you paint a part, so you might as well look used, either on ebay or locally.

Best of luck
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