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Originally Posted by mr-canada View Post
The cutout is filled, it used to work before - before it was driven with no windows in the rain.

I searched for the other version by the knee or steering wheel, no wheel exists there and no cutout down there at all.
Is there no panel west of the steering wheel and south of the left side air vent? What is filling what? Could you post a picture?

I think on the 99 they went "high tech" and put it all on one pull switch and twist knob....
Just the opposite: the engineers, to translate a German expression, "cooked with water" and used an old-fashioned rheostat. Rheostats are less expensive than modern solid state controls (or were?), but are difficult to impossible to protect against shorts.

It seems kind of stupid the whole instrumentation panel including gear goes all through one silly dimmer; it's kind of an important thing....
That is more cooking with water. Would you prefer to replace multiple rheostats?
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